I'd need some help making my dream come true, a push in the right direction!

I'd like a guitar that looks like these. I prefer the finish and hardware on the first example more. If I could spend a couple grand or so that would fit the budget...

BUT, string changes, tuning stability and intonation are of the upmost importance to me. I'm thinking about a set of gold Planet Waves Auto-Trim Locking or Sperzel Trim-Lok machines. Also considering a Graphtec Graphite or Earvana Compensated nut, however if the intonation and tuning stability is spot on without these I don't see the need.

I would also like to be able to coil-split each humbucker, but this isn't make or break. I do love the gold pickups with the flame top, a must!

So do I get a second hand flametop in okay condition, give it to a luthier with the parts I want?

Get a new Gibson, sand and paint, give it to a luthier with the parts I want?

Get the whole thing custom made? What do YOU think I should do to make this dream a reality?

(I live in Australia just as a bit of added information but I figure international shipping is always a possibilty.)
I think this belongs in Gear Building and Customizing.
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Get a second hand one if this has to be the case. Buying a new Gibson just so you can sand it and repaint it is the most asinine thing I've ever heard. Refinishing kills a guitar's value and you might say that you are never going to sell it but you never know what's going to happen 10 or more years from now. You don't want to buy a $3000 guitar, add $500 in the costs to have it refinished and only be able to sell it for $1000 because of a refinishing job.
Why would you sand and paint a new Gibson? People may have qualms with their QC but they make one hell of a flame top. It would be a crime to buy that and sand it.

Why don't you just buy a Les Paul? That finish is relatively easy to find and if you've got the cash to spend, why not just get what you want without going to someone else.

Maybe I just don't understand you?
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so maybe just get the Flame Top and keep the original hardware.

can't find anything that looks like the first one but, apart from the 100k+ listing i ripped the picture off
I would not be able to bring myself to buy a Gibson (new or used) and then sand it down.

But if I had to, I definitely would not buy a new one.

Maybe you can just look for a similar guitar and swap out the hardware.
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Gold HW is uncommon on Gibson LP's unless you're talking the LP Custom (Block Inlays, Gold HW, bound headstock etc)
The second example in you rpost is a LP Custom just done as a burst. These would be more expensive than the black beauty customs and IMO not as nice a guitar as say an R8 R9 or R0 Burst. Of course the Gloss, highly figured R8, R9 or R0's would run you in excess of 4K easy so I guess it's up to you.
Personnally you can keep Gold HW. It doesn't patina like Nickel, it simply wears off over time.
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You could get any desert burst LP and fit it with gold hardware, a fine tuning tail piece and a wood veneer pickguard. You could even get the pickguard painted to match the top. Going custom wouldn't cost much more than buying a Gibson and modding it, in fact it may even be cheaper. There's certainly no need to buy a Gibson and repaint it, that's crazy talk.
If you have a couple grand to spend you could just have a custom guitar made by a Luthier instead of trying to swap parts on a Gibson.
No offense but a known good luthier with a rep suitable to allow for possible future resale will charge a lot more than 2K to build a LP.
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