Sat with my guitar the other day and tried to play the riff to Muse - Stockholm Syndrome, and couldn't. just too fast with my usual technique, and ive started looking at my picking technique as a whole. Whenever i pick, i seem to naturally pluck the string i.e. tip of the pick is going in a U shape essentially. This is, what i think at least, is really affecting my speed, and ive been trying to make the pick glide in basically a straight line across the strings, but i cant seem to control the speed i go at... its either slow single notes, or fast picking that i cant do much with. Am i maybe not holding the pick quite rigidly enough, or not using my wrist properly, and actually using the muscles under my thumb without really noticing?

Any advice, greatly appreciated.
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just relax and practice it. like everything else with guitar, it requires practice.
an practice requieres patience, love and well not quiting.
i swere that if u hate it takes you double of the time than if you like the song (depends on how easy it is and how bored you are too)
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