Me and a friend are starting a progressive metal band in Whitby, Ontario and so far we have 2 guitarists and a drummer. We are going for a modern sound, a decent amount of acoustic riffs/sections are used, and keeping the songs to under 10 min for the sake of the lead guitarist (so we will avoid excessive soloing).

I already have some material written, but the writing is always an ongoing process.

What we need is a bassist, keyboard/sythn player and a vocalist (melodic/emotional).

I'd prefer it if most/all the band were songwriters, but as long as you fit the band's sound then it doesn't really matter.

If you're interested email me at maniac-guitarist@hotmail.com or post on this and hopefully we can make some truly interesting & awesome music.
I live in Whitby an play bass. I sent you an email dude, what are some of your inspirations/bands you are looking to sound likewise?
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Fates Warning (Disconnected. FWX), Symphony X, Redemption mainly, but some funk & jazz stuff makes its way in.

So I guess this means we now need a singer to complete the lineup.