Ive had this amp for just under 2 years, but it has barely been played since i aquired my engl (around 10 months ago). So ive decided to sell it.

Condition: pretty much near perfect condition. Its only been used for one gig. it has the odd scatch but all the electronics are in perfect working order.
Modifications: none
Accessories: FBV Footswitch (switches between 4 settings, wah pedal and has an inbuilt tuner.
Location: UK Chester (pickup only btw)
Contact Info: Please PM me
References: none really but i welcome people to try before you buy.
Price: This amp retailed at around £400, footswitch £70 ish. my price is £250 for both!
Pictures: PM me your email and i'll send you some
Ibanez Prestige RG3270
Reduced to £199! great amp, perfect condition.

Incl. orgininal manual.

•32 Vetta-based amp models
•12 Effects based on stomp box modelers
•16 Mix 'n' Match Speaker Cab options
•Award-winning Point-to-Point modeling technology
•2x12 touring quality cabinet
•Powerful 150-watt stereo power amps
•1/4 inch TRS headphone and balanced XLR direct outs, stereo
•4 programmable amp channel memories
•MIDI compatibility allowing access to deep editing and the Tone Transfer library
Ibanez Prestige RG3270
bump. this is a crazy price for this mint condition amp! you wont find it cheaper!
Ibanez Prestige RG3270
Got pics? It a head or a combo?
I'm selling an ernie ball wah pedal. Buy my ernie ball wah pedal.
Wah pedal.

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bump. this is a crazy price for this mint condition amp! you wont find it cheaper!

an absolute bargain, the other guitarist in our band has one and it really is the business

if i hadn't just bought a new head and cab i would definitely take this off your hands!!!!

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