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FS: Agile Intrepid Pro 830 8 String With Hardcase - £450 Shipped - UK Only

Flawless aside from a small ding on the tip of the headstock - shown in picture. This is a 30" inch baritone 8 string, tuned F# to E - The longer scale length really brings out the low tuning, it has 2 cepheus humbucker pickups - I was surprised by how good they sound! This is a monster of a guitar, neck through, natural satin finish, these are very rare to come by in the UK - plus buying this one means you dont have to pay any customs fees or overseas shipping fees! Plus there's always a wait for these guitars.

Any questions please message me, I would much prefer payment by bank transfer, if it has to be paypal, then so be it.

This will be first come first served, sorry but thats the fairest way!

Diezel, Motherfucker
Dear god man, I want this so bad yet I have no money
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would you be interested in a trade at all? been looking for a UK seller of one of these for ages!!
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would you be interested in a trade at all? been looking for a UK seller of one of these for ages!!

Sorry to be a pain but no. Plus I'm ridiculously picky with gear....theres barely anything I'm looking for at the moment. A Boomerang III phrase sampler is pretty much the only thing on my list!
Diezel, Motherfucker
Would you consider shipping to Ireland, if I cover the costs?

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Yeah absolutely! Sorry for the late reply, I thought no-one was interested!
Diezel, Motherfucker
Ok, no response from anyone, therefore its still available to anyone!
Diezel, Motherfucker
Are those pickups D-Activators by any chance?
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Yes they are the stock pickups, Cepheus pickups as PabloGilberto said, they are really good actually!
Diezel, Motherfucker
I'd love to get this thing man but i'm in the US, any idea what shipping would be and is the price still current?
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