Doesn't it jut tickle you, when people feel the need to link things that happened on the same calendar day as other things?

"oh, Hitler and Osama died on the same day as each other" - of course forgetting that one died in 1945 and the other in 2011.

Funnily enough, May 1st was the day on which the first cricket match was played in the US in the 18th century. WEIRD HUH?

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may 2nd (was 4am when his death was announced) was the same day as the battle for hogwarts and voldermorts death
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i've never seen anybody do that

mostly because i don't have a facebook
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Ahhhh Yuck Fou.
May 1st 2010 I had a sandwich.

May 1st 2011 Osama is killed.

May 2nd 2011 I decided the sandwich I had last year was pretty good.
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william and kate and eva braun and hitler got married exactly 66 years from each other
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This is Germany we're talking about.


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Thanks alot. When i read the first sentence, i dont know why, but i laughed in the middle of my first class at tech school. You sir have made me look like a fool for the first and last time
seems like someone discovered Wikipedia...
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And it looks like I'll be celebrating my 20 years on earth the same day as my 20th birthday.

We should start a group!
It tickles me when people are stupid, like Ts
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