I've created a group for the sole purpose of reinstating the Hot Chicks Thread.


If we get enough members, I'm hoping we can persuade the mods to allow another HCT. It's worth a shot!
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Another factor that has grown this myth is a bunch of opinionated guys who really don't know what they're talking about, which to be brutally honest is a bunch of you guys on here.
I feel like you're neglecting the rest of the internet...

You do know this is the internet, right?
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Don't be ludicrous, lushacrous.
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that joke regarding your username was NOT originally posted by blake1221. That was a Gunpowder original.

I don't think they'll listen but god damn I miss that thread...
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I don't think they'll listen but god damn I miss that thread...

If Kensai wants it, it must happen.
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it won't happen. the reason why is that it is a pain in the ass for the mods to check through the whole thread to make sure that nothing too inappropriate gets in there. it's easier to just not have the thread at all. the mods have said this before, and i doubt a petition will change their minds.
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What's wrong with googeling Hot Chicks?

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this is the internet, it's not like someone can track me down and tell my mother that I have a sexual attraction torwards her.

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I just want YLYL back

NO. That Godhimself troll will just ruin it again. Let it die in peace.