Hi Guys,
I've got a MiM Standard Strat which I've had modded for SCN pick ups. I put the pick ups in myself and then had a shop fit all of the S1 switching. It all works fine - nearly...
Cycling through the 5-way selecter switch, positions 1,2,3 and 5 are all fine. However, position 4 and 5 both give the same selection - bridge pick up only. It I jam the selecter switch mid way between position 3 and 4, only then does it give middle and bridge pick up. Unfortunately, the shop which did the mod for me is now out of business. I've only got a very basic knowledge of soldering, so does anybody have any ideas on how I could fix this error myself?
Many thanks!
Get a cheap soldering iron online, I like my Antex. While waiting for it to arrive watch Utube vids and read articles on how to use the iron properly. When the iron arrives practice what you have been learning on broken remote control car parts, or some item with small parts soldered to other parts. When removing and replacing the parts from the junk item becomes easy find a diagram online for the wiring scheme you want in your switch and go for it.
6 mnths ago I went from not knowing the difference between a resistor and a capacitor to installing a Keeley Seeing Eye Mod into a Boss DS-1 with outstanding results. That was how I learned and Im just a dumb fella that wanted to fix my own rig so it must be pretty easy!