I play an agile 7 string with EMG 707's out of a Peavey 6505 combo amp, progressive metal, djent, ambient, and melodic stuff. when I crank the gain I get feedback and picking noises that are unwanted. any suggestions for supressor/other kinds of pedals that would help get a more "clean" metal sound. Its gonna be a few years till i get the axe effects so a decent fix for now would be good, considering that i have gigs around 3 times a month.
Cheaper: Boss NS2
Better: ISP Decimator.

And for the picking noises, that can easily be helped by adjusting the treble. That may also help with any amp buzz or hiss.
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MXR Smart Gate.

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MXR Smart Gate.

I use this, but I've heard that the ISP Decimator is pretty much the go-to pedal if you have the money.
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On a budget, the best you can do is a Boss NS-2.

If you have the cash, go for an ISP Decimator G String.

All other noise gates just aren't worth it, unless you have an amp that doesn't have an FX loop.
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Isn't Djent based on that picking noise?

yea djent is partially based on the picking sound, and thats y I need something to supress the pick sound PART of the time (when im playing more melodic parts), and also why i dont just adjust my amp.