i need a new guitar and i want it to be a v. these are the only ones that have ebony boards and have the input jack on top wing. i dont know which is best to get and i know theres alot of a price diff but is it really worth it? and if theres any other v guitar suggestions feel free to post em
Id say get the RR24. The Matt Tuck will invoke the 'BFMV sweater' card and is outplayed the RR24 anyway. I wouldnt even look at the Schecter personally since im not huge on them.
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If you can get the V1, I'd go for that. I wanted a Hellraiser V1, but they stopped making them this year. D= Wouldn't go for the Matt Tuck one though. You're paying for the name, mostly.
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yeah i like the blackouts that the schecter has. but is it really worth it to spend the $1250 for the rr24? is it THAT good? haha ive never played one
i would go for the V-1. Jackson necks arent comfortable to me. The Matt Tuck Signature is WAY overpriced for what you are getting.
I have an RR24, I like it a lot.

There's also the Edwards E-AL-128 and E-AL-166 guitars but they are only made in Japan. I have an Edwards E-AL-166 (same guitar as RR24 but has the cutaway for access to higher frets, scalloped 20-24th fret, and a 10dB boost equalizer switch).

I haven't had the E-AL-166 long enough to decide if I like it better than the RR24.
Get the RR24, you don't get a neck pickup but If you don't need one then its good. Also Look on ebay for new ones. I got mine 740 with a hardshell case.
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My rr24 is like new and on EBay now. Go grab it !
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My rr24 is like new and on EBay now. Go grab it !

really?? sounds cool.
dont buy a v, they're ****ing poser guitars. Get something tasteful and sophisticated.
Some points came to my mind.

- If you're talking about the old Blackjack V-1, they have SD sh-4 & sh-1 pickups. They dont make those anymore, but there's the Blackjack ATX V-1 with blackouts. HOWEVER there are those old ones still available at least in ebay.

- I wouldn't be so set on the Ebony board thing, unless you're highly sophisticated with guitars. I mean, I used to set myself this ebony board criteria and all it ended up was getting me the wrong stuff.

- The schecter (and other traditional V models) will be nicer to play seated than RRs, while the RRs are nicer to play standing.

- Bridge type. Some like higher touch, some lower. Some like adjusting FR, some don't.
Any reason an Alexi 600 isn't on your list?
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Not the MT signature for sure.Between the RR24 and the blackjack,I'd go with the schecter:I love the neck and the 2 pups are better for my taste,but that's just me.
yeah the rr24 does seem to be the best bet. and Idk if i could do 22 frets on the matt tuck haha i go up there alot. im also kind of used to guitars with only bridge pup cuz i got 2 but i do like the versatility of 2 pups. and also i tune from e to d alot so the rr24 might be a little pain. so maybe the schecter would be better?
how much are u sellin urs for axeman88? haha idk which guitar is the one ur sellin
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i would go for the V-1. Jackson necks arent comfortable to me. The Matt Tuck Signature is WAY overpriced for what you are getting.

Not really, the MT sig is in the same price category and range as the RR24 (high end import) and the only difference is the features really... RR21: EMG 81, Original Floyd, 24 Frets MT Sig: EMG 81 & 85, 22 Frets, Reverse Headstock.

The woods are very similar as well.

Oh and also... The name sort of implies a biased opinion.
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and also, i found the matt tuck for $700. thats $50 cheaper than the schecter and i like the shape and finish of the MT better than the schecter. so i think its between those 2 now. the rr24 is a little bit too expensive haha