Not sure which way to go with getting an amp – do I just get a 10-30 watt practice amp or a decent tube amp (up to $2000 USD). At the current time I wont be playing gigs and at the moment am not actively looking to do so (if I was to play live again I would be looking to do 60's to modern day rock).

My options are:
1. Get a 10-15 watt amp (Vox, Orange or Roland)
2. Get 30 watt amp (which may be loud enough to rehearse with if I wanted to. Again, Vox, Orange or Roland)
3. Just go and get a nice 30 watt tube amp (though I think 99% of my time will be spent playing in my living room so a tube amp seems excessive right now PLUS when I leave the US to go back home, the country will have different power requirements)

So maybe Option 1 or 2 ? With option 1 or 2 when I leave the US I would just get rid of the amp. Option 3 I would be looking to take the amp with (yes I understand I would need a step up/down transformer to use it).

Really appreciate others thoughts.