Ive been suffering forever with this, I can't think of any new riffs, its always the same riff or, the same notes played. A while ago i've been what it seems like better then I am right now at this point, I used to be in my opinion pretty creative with my riffs but recently, i havent been playing riffs that show my full potential in recording or songwriting, just the same thing. Any suggestions on how to get over this curse? anything to break away from using the same notes, fills, ect. that i have been using for about 2 months now?
Don't try so hard. Take a break from writing and just play some music that inspires you.....and/or seek out new things to get inspired by. Just listening is good as well.

Come back to writing later, and don't force it.
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Find new music to listen to, preferably something from another genre. It's difficult to evolve as a musician if you are just listening to the same artists all of the time.
This happens to me a lot I usually do one of three things
1. Play along to some of my favorite albums/songs.
2. Learn a new scale and create a riff using those notes within the scale.
3. Put my guitar away and wait for inspiration to hit.
Listen to different music and learn different music.

Also, "don't force it" is excellent advice.
Only play what you hear. If you don’t hear anything, don’t play anything.
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thanks to all responders! i will definitely take all of your advise! and yeah, thats true, when i did play better then i did now, i listened to alot of different music, recently ive been limiting myself for some odd reason, ill be sure to expand again, thanks a bunch everyone!
I agree with what everyone has said about listening to new music and practicing new things and not forcing it.

But I'd like to add that I don't believe in writers block and if you do, it kind of becomes this thing, like "Oh no, I have writers block, I'm ruined!" but I believe there's a time for creative output and creative input, so when you're not coming up with something, just practice and try to become proficient on your instrument or learn a song or something that expands you musically or study someones work that inspires you and then you the time will come for creative output.

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