I'm based in the UK so Pounds Sterling suggestions! :p

Hey, I'm thinking about selling my MIM Strat. I have a G&L Legacy Tribute that's pretty much my perfect strat, I don't get much use out of my Fender. It is an odd thing to say.

I've come to the decision that selling it would be good and I could use the money to put towards upgrading my amp which is the next thing in my gear list that needs bumped up.

What do you think is a fair starting price for an ebay auction or a base price to sell the guitar with the harcase at?

The guitar was made in 2002, it's Midnight Wine and is in perfect condition. Comes with a hard case too.

And for authenticities sake, the serial..
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haha, my brother just returned one exactly like yours that was pretty much brand new to a guitarcenter he ordered it used from in illinois
he payed $250 and it still had all the plastic and stickers on it

it was also a 2002

try craigslist for like $300
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I would not pay more than $300 for a mim strat. I got mine from Schmitt Music brand new. They wanted over $400. I told them I would take it if $300 and they took it. Even they know that some Squires play better than MIM Strats. The only thing dif is the Fender Logo, tuners and paint job.