So, I got a new guitar with a floyd rose on it, and its the first one i've ever got with such a bridge on it. Anyways, i was restringing step by step by the manual, but when I go to tune it, I noticed that each string I tune, affects the pitch of the other strings. Am i doing this wrong?

[EDIT] I also forgot to mention that ive restringed with heavy guitar strings, but I modified the springs on the back as it said to do on the floyd rose site.
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The other strings will change until you hit the balance point, you need to cross tune e.g. tune string 6-5-6-5-4-6-5-4-3 etc until it's completely in tune, then you'll have to adjust the springs at the back and tune again until the bridge is level.+
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Alright so ive tried cross tuning, but after i go to .. 6-5-4-3-2-1 the 6th one is still out of tune and I've repeated the pattern to get into tune until the string snapped,
Here ill copy paste something I wrote in a similar thread last week.

Here is what I do to make adjusting floating trems a lot easier. I block the trem off using a piece of wood or if its available a tremolono. Make sure that when its blocked that the trem is perfectly parallel to the the body. Then I tune the guitar, once I have achieved the tuning I want I remove the block from the bridge and adjust the springs until the trem is parallel with the body again. Then do some fine tuning and tighting everything up. I can usually do a restringing in just a few minutes *not including the time needed to stretch out new strings*.