Yes, as the title says, this is another "help me choose a new pickup" thread. I currently own an Ibanez S670-mahogany body, HSH pup config. A have a Dimarzio Chopper in the S position and the stock INF1 neck humbucker and stock INF2 bridge humbucker.
What I don't like about my current pickups
First, the neck. It doesn't produce chords clearly, what I mean by this is that it has a small buzz, even on clean tones. It's not my amp(s), I have tried it on my rumble 15, AC30, and Vypyr 75 (yeah, not exactly a clean tone amp, the vypyr). Maybe some high mids and basses but no less than a 5 on the treble (I like my treble ).
As for the bridge, it also has light buzzing on clean settings. I think this one may have too much treble, as it always has a sharp bite on picked notes. The only way to rid of this is to roll back the tone pot on my guitar, which, in turn, does not produce a good tone. I play a lot of Satch, Gilbert, and numerous guitar instrumental stuff.
Ummmm, can't think of any more info at the moment, if any is needed, please feel free to ask.
what do you mean buzz? its possible that you guitar is not properly shielded and grounded. does the buzz go away when you touch a metal part of the guitar?
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Or if you want things to get really fat and warm a pair of breeds, or breed bridge and HfH neck if you want better cleans in the neck position
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