Hi there. First off, I'm fairly new here, and I know this is supposed to be about Song Writing and Lyrics, but this was the closest category to post in. I have a couple questions about singing high and raspy at the same time. Now, my example of a singer is M. Shadows (I know not many people are fans around here, but it was the one example that stuck out in my mind). And it's not that I want to sound exactly like him, I would just like to know the technique that he, and other bands (even like early Metallica) use. So here are my questions: How does one go about singing high, and raspy at the same time? Is it done in falsetto or normal voice? When I sing high in normal voice (I can hit a high B above middle C), I just can't make it raspy. When I sing in falsetto, I can make kind of a scratchy, breathy sound, but when I hear bands do it, it actually sounds full. Any suggestions are appreciated.
I can do that, although I can't go as high as you can. Try working your diaphragm more...idk how to describe doing it, other than kinda pushing ur voice..i dont know how to explain it. its harder for some than others though, so you're gonna have to work on it
Ok so... Is it a falsetto thing? Also, do I have to do anything with my throat?
I've heard it done in falsetto but it seems like a "you have it or you don't" kind of thing (see Teutonic Terror). But from what I've read, you should really leave your throat out of singing as much as possible to prevent any sort of damage. It'll rasp up itself when you push your diaphragm, a strange tip I can give is to use a "constipation grunt" to find your diaphragm lol.
Also, I've never heard of Accept before, but I like what I hear. Thanks for the recommendation.