It works now. Plz c4c. I know some timing is off. Be honest. Brutle if u must

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Its spelled Brutal

Listening now. You have nice vibrato, sounds like how Buddy Guy shakes a string. You know how to squeeze the emotion out of a bent string it seems (although I noticed you may have overshot a couple bends here and there, it can sound nice sometimes to do that, but make sure that most of the time you know the target note of your bend and your ears as well as your hands know how far to bend. Bending in tune is really important). That is a very good thing.

Your phrasing aint bad for a begginer (your word not mine), and this is the blues so a buit of sloppiness etc is allowed. Some nice licks in there, although some not so nice licks aswell to be honest.

In the fourth minute Ive noticed you getting a bit frantic, especially to the end of the 12 bars, which is nice as there was a climax at the turnaround, but as the track goes on youre vibrato has gotten worse, its gotten to fast and too wide at times - try keep it controlled (most of the time, go crazy occasionally if you think itll work)

At times throughout the solo there has been pentatonic scale passages which were pretty boring and clumsy imo, try keep it succint and melodic (ie question and answer type passages) and not just go up and down a pentatonic scale because you dont know what else to do, it comes off as amateurish most of the time.

On the whole I liked it. Reminded me of Buddy Guy. At a couple points youre phrasing and tone was as nice as Id expect from a pro, its just going to take a whole lot of work, time and jamming to get that standard for a whole song.

To summarise - there's real potential here.

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Not sure if the intro if intentionally messy or ? Overall sound quality could be better. Guitar playing sounds quite good for the most part! Reminds me of that male blond guitar player that was in the Saturday Night Live band many years ago. Piano playing is quite good! Ending is abrupt. Please review my music at this link: