So I had to sell most of my gear about a year ago when the economy bombed and i lost my job. thankfully, got a job, and i will be buying some new gear soon. i am only just a hobbyist with the bass, and i really have enjoyed playing J/P basses in the past. For a budget of around $400, are there any respectable J/P basses in the 5 String configuration? I have spotted a few ESPs, but I have been out of the market for so long, I am not sure what is available these days. I am open to suggestions.
ibanez gsr205? i think those are p/j. does the 400 include an amp as well?
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^ 205's are J/J or soapbars IIRC, only the GSR200 is P/J.

You could probably find a used Fender JP-90 for around $400, if you want to go new the Peavey Zodiac BXP and the Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar will give you a pretty good P/J bass for under $400.
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ibanez gsr205? i think those are p/j. does the 400 include an amp as well?

Not yet. I run it through a multi processor I wasn't able to sell and my computer. It is not ideal, but it is a start. I have my budget set for for an amp in the coming months as well.

Yamaha is 100$ more expensive, but with a little bit of patience it might be a good choice. Just giving few ideas what models you might want to look after.

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