Hey everyone, I have a composition here that I'd like you guys to check out. It was a final for a class in composition. I perform it tomorrow (I'm on the piano part) and hopefully after that I can get some audio to you guys of it. As it is now, however, here's the score. I'd love to get your opinions!


EDIT: google docs is wierd, so if you aren't zoomed in, it sometimes is unclear whether the note is on a line or a space. This is clear on the actual score, but the quality reduction Google docs makes renders it as such, so I apologize in advance.
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Any chance of uploading a MIDI file? I know you dislike MIDI and it does of course sound much worse than an actual performance, but as I don't play piano or cello the score doesn't mean much to me at all.
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better yet have you got the recording from today?

I'll need to get it from the professor, but I will soon, its full of mistakes, and slower then what a final tempo would be, but at least you'll get the general idea.