I've been playing guitar since 2004 and, long story short, I'm still terrible at it. Sometimes I really feel like hurling my guitar out a window or just selling everything and quitting because I honestly hit my plateau before I even got to be any good it.

However, I've poured too much time and effort into playing guitar to just give up, so I've decided to backtrack and try to relearn it -- properly this time. This is where I need help. Obviously what I've done to this point has done nothing to help me at all, so I really have no idea what I need to do to properly learn. Where should I begin?
start with the proper way of holding the guitar, and how to use the minimal amount of tension while playing.

then move on to making chords, while holding the guitar the proper way.

these things may help you enough to make you a better player. also remember if your playing sloppy to slowdown to fix the problem. good luck!
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I started playing guitar in '94/'95. Since then I estimate I have spent almost 50 hours playing guitar, and thats being generous. For how much I play, Id say im pretty good, but theres always something that stops me playing. But here is what ive realized in the last month or so.

If I had started practicing, actual practicing, back even as late as highschool just once a week, Id be at least as good as karl logan.

But thats the thing, until recently I never did any real practice. If I ever picked up a guitar at all, I played a few chords maybe some riffs from shitty bands like nirvana.

Starting out, I did have a few lessons, but the teacher was dead set on teaching me chord shapes. Then and now, I say the same thing "f uck that".

memorizing chords is absolutely worthless. Instead memorize the notes on the fretboard, then memorize your basic scale intervals. once you have that, you can build any chord in the world, and that will be infinitely more useful than having memorized a bunch of separate chords. Plus this method for me at least has made soloing infinitely easier, and I can also now make sense of why the notes in a certain solo sound awesome as they do.

as for actually sitting down and practicing, I dont really know whats best, so I wont pretend I do. But I will tell you what wont help you, at all, ever.

Strumming chords. its not entirely useless, but it wont help as much as doing exercises designed specifically to build dexterity, accuracy, strength, etc.

dont practice lots of things. Just pick one thing to do, and do it for days. for instance, the last time I practiced, I was going to work on my bends. so I sat down and did nothing but bend the 10th fret b string. 1/2, 2/2,3/2, steps. over and over and over and over again. Seriously though. guitar is mostly muscle memory, if you jump around doing a bunch of different exercises youll never get anywhere. repetition repetition repetition.
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