I have a dean razorback db floyd and i just got active pickups..i got and emgx 81 and emgx 85...i know its a stupid question so bare with me...what should i do???...I really want to put these pickups in this guitar...
^Exactly. Cut out a place in the back for them. I have a custom Washburn that's basically a WI-66 with an EMG mod job and sicker finishes/inlays, and that's all they did!
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I just put the battery in the control cavity
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Yeah if there's room in the control cavity put it in there. I'd wrap some tape around it though to prevent any shorts, not that i've had it happen.
Between the pickups, behind the pickguard is where I used to put it. Other than that, get the good old spindle moulder out and cut some holes in there.
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havent tried if but you could just Duct tape it directly on the the guitar body, might look funny :P
Dutc tape solves all up to equations of 4. degree

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My ESP KH-2 has the battery in the control cavity. It's a bit crowded in there, but it fits well. Just wrap it up to prevent shorts, as pointed out above.
What Shor said.

I have my les paul like, really crowded inside my control cavity but it works and have no problems with it.
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if it'll fit, put it in the control cavity. you can bend a piece of scrap aluminum (iirc a strip about 5-7" long and 1" wide) to make a battery holder. it should look about like this.


(the aluminum piece bolted to the top inside of the case)

Note: I made this one to hold the battery by the sides at the bottom