HI All

I am pretty serious about buying a resonator in the next couple of weeks but as I am long-term out of work with a busted back I have 2 problems, getting around to shops to try the guitars and obviously the budget.

It seems like a bit of a minefield to me what with the different types of cones and body materials so I really need some help with my purchase. I would say I can stretch to £400 max but would rather pay £300 if poss. The music I am into currently is Robert Johnson, Black Keys, RL Burnside, skip James, Seasick Steve, bit of Clapton and love the old delta blues style, and I would say I am still a beginner/intermediate player but with a massive passion to learn slide blues.

I would prefer a guitar with join at more than 12th fret to allow me to easily play a bit higher up the neck and asthetically is gorgeous so I am tempted to pick it up every spare minute of the day.

Should I be looking for new or second hand on Ebay etc...? I would love some advice on what is the best guitar for my budget please, I have been looking at these guitars for a long time now and it really is time for me to jump in and buy one so any advice would be wondeful, thanks!!
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i actually liked the fender $399 sunburst resonator i tried locally. which was a surprise because most of fender "acoustic" stuff in that price range makes me hurl.

my advice is that if you buy online, you do so through a retailer that gives you a "return for full refund" grace period. this way you can test it thoroughly and decide if it is worth your money.

good luck, try a ceramic slide just because i like them for delta stuff.
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