I want a jackson JS32 (which im replacing the pickups with a EMG-81 (neck) and a alexi laiho custom pickup (bridge) ) and was wondering would it be difficult to paint the neck inlays pink?

I was planing on doing this and painting the jackson sign on the headstock pink... replacing the tone and volume nobs pink as well... Just to make it look cool :')


I'd say the paint would probably erode away after doing bends and vibratos, but I can't say for sure...
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The inlays should be professionally replaced with a pink inlay material...although, you could also remove the shark teeth, paint or "sticker" the bottom of the cutout, then fill with clear epoxy.

The headstock would need to be sanded, repainted with pink logo, and re-cleared if you want it done right. If you want to keep costs down, you could probably find pink stickers to place over the fret markers and logo, but not sure how they last.

I would not recommend you try to paint over the existing fret markers...it will not turn out well, and your fingertips would likely tend to grab the newly painted surface.

Lastly, why not also put pink strings on it? (DR Neon)
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Try fretboard decals.
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Errmm, the Alexi pickup is passive, the 81 is active... It can be done, but it won't be your simple average swap job. Make sure you research the challenges involved.
Thanks for the help guys

Im getting the pickups done at the local guitar store so they should be fine, I will query about the painting as well whilst im there