OK so this is my 1st post so a big HELLO to all.

Now i know that downpicking is something that many people find very hard, and ask for ways to get better at it. but im different.
i can downpick very fast. iv been playing for 3 years (self taught), and my main influence is Metallica.
now; i can play Master of Puppets faster than the original track.

but now i need the next step. i dont need to practise fast d.picking, seeing as im already very fast. but im looking for songs that have d.picking even faster than Master of Puppets, so i can really push to the limits of fast d.picking. i wanna see how fast i can really get, and how fast i really am compared to others.

so i need some recommendations of songs that have downpicking faster than M.o.P. the fastest, most face melting d.picking songs anyone can think of will be great =)

Why not write one? No better practice than that.

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Some tracks from Ascendancy (sp?) by Trivium are downpicking riffs.
As long as you're not afraid to try new music.

I haven't played any tracks in a while.. so they may not be face melting, but it's something else, y'know?
There's a good chance that what I've written above is useless and if you take any of the advice it's your own fault.
Learn the higher lead to the unholy confessions intro. Probably around the same speed except it has string skipping.

(The tabs here mostly seem to have it as pull-offs, but it is on the E and D strings, with guitar tuned to drop D)
alternative picking>down picking
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yea i totally didnt think of trivium. LOVE the album. i lookd at some tabs, and, well, wat can i say? hell yea!
as for unholy confessions, i can already play it, and to be honest, its not tooo hard =P
Shayden thats an awesome idea. dno y i didnt think of it. wat i mite also try is gettin the tab on G.Pro and increasing the speed to test my speed.
Thanks guys!! =D

Any song by the band Arsis is great, especially far as face melters go. I prefer "Face of My Innocence" first if anything, then their other songs. Try playing some stuff from the band "Animals As Leaders" too if you really want to have some fun.