It can be found on my profile:

Played with Schecter c-1 classic and engl screamer 50. It's not perfect, recorded pretty fast this one.
Good playing, I didn't hear a single mistake. Also, sweet tone! Is that just the Screamer 50's distortion, or do you use the MD-2?
And what about the drums? It sounded good.
Just the screamer with tungsols and jj in the preamp and svetlana 6l6s in poweramp so it's not stock. But it's only the screamer. The drums are DFH with EQ boost at 60hz. I used a AKG D880 mic and it's recorded in my bedroom.
That was really good. I couldn't hear anything wrong with your playing. Your clean tone was amazing as well. I didn't care for your dirty tone as much, though I couldn't put my finger on exactly what I disliked about it. I would suggest maybe turning your drums and bass up a little maybe, they were awfully quite.