Hello UGF! This is my first thread, and I hope everyone who's interested will post something about bands they have been in or are currently in. I'd love to know more about the secret world behind the mainstream, so please give me some of your info. and tell me where I can hear anyone's bands! I've listed in my first post in the New Members thread what bands I've been in, but not about the bands I've started. I'll list those here, and anybody who wants to tell me about there's is moe than welcome guys! Here it is:

Gas Mask Lords: this was a 'neverland' band me and a late friend (R.I.P.) always wanted to make throughout middle school. The music was based mostly on System of a Down, but nothing was ever completed. I also didn't play an instrument, so I figured I would be vocals. (2005-2007)

[WITH_TEETH]: after my friend died, I quit the punk rock band I was in to do something completely new: my favorite lyric collection of the [WITH_TEETH] albums. Now, if anyone is a Nine Inch Nails fan, you'll recognize the title right away, but the thing is I never made a band name for this project. It was basically just one album after another, and for awhile I was using a beat machine to create some of the songs. I've written ten albums in two years, but I never made anything out of them. I still use the albums today for poetic referrences, because I like to think these albums were never really made for music, but just for coping with day-to-day problems. (2009-2010)

10 Ghosts: a side-band I did with a friend sometime in 2010. Again, we got nothing really ever done here, I have a bad history of never getting much of anything done.
(Early 2010)

JArS: another side-band that ended in failure. There are not a lot of drummers out here in Anderson, which is mostly a country and crappy metal core area of music.
(Late 2010)

Absolute: after years of playing in a punk rock band, and after years of being told what to play and not what can I come up with, I quit the band I was with and finally decided to start my own. After my good friend A.J., the drummer for our old punk rock band, quit also, we decided to start this band off together...But sadly nothing ever goes according to plan. We don't have any equipment to use; I don't own a guitar or bass anymore; we don't have a place to play anymore either. We are more than likely going to have to wait two or three years to even do anything with our band, so to be honest this band basically doesn't even exsist. I'm still open to ideas, and I'm still writting music everyday, but just with no way to play them and start them. Another fail, I guess? (2010-????)

This is all I've done, now I want to hear about what YOU'VE all done. Please give me your stories of bands you've loved/hated to have been in! THANKS!