Heyhey there
Wondering if someone could lead me in the right direction
Picked up a second cab for my amp and i'm looking to run it aswell as my first cab. The first cab is 16 ohms, the second is 8 ohms.
My amp head has a 16ohm output, 2x8 ohm outputs and a 4 ohm. Also the 16ohm cab has another jack to run a cab parallel.

So my question is how do i run these together? Think im right in saying that if you run a cab with not enough resistance for the amp it'll draw too much power or something along those lines

thanks guys

You are going to have a mismatch no matter what. You need to use 2 cabs with the same impedance.
You can run them out of seperate outputs (please someone correct me if I'm wrong). I used to do exactly the same, run a little 1x12 and a 2x12 at the same time. I just ran the 1x12 (16ohm) out of the 16ohm output and the 2x12 (8ohm) out of the 8ohm output and it always worked fine and didn't damage my amp in the long run either. Hope that makes sense.
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If it's a 4x12 cab you can't rewire it for 8 ohms.

What is the cabinet speaker config?