a few months ago i bought a skb furman pedal board off ebay, and the input jacks broke. I loved the fact that it had all the jacks that could clean up my board, and when that broke i freaked out, in my room, to my friends, and here on UG. I sent them a feedback form explaining everything, that it was a gift, not a direct buy, and that i wanted to try to buy the circuit board with the 10 inputs. I left all my information, but never heard back =/

this weekend i had a bunch of shows so i was gone for the weekend, and as soon as i leave the state i get a message from my mother that a package came, containing the circuit board with the 10 inputs!

it may have taken a few months, but they sent it free of any charge! and they knew i didnt buy it from them.

Furman made me so incredibly happy that i told my band how they helped me out, and since we need some new power "supplies" such as cords and groundings, we may just go buy them from furman=)

anyway i see some people relay information about companies customer service and i just wanted to let people know how they helped me!

I heard that making those PCB boards and such can be an expensive procedure, especially if you dont know what your doing haha

so thats just my experience with the company and im very happy about it
who knew an email could do so much. anyone else have great experiences with companies? or poor ones?
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