Hey guys, pretty new to the forum but thought my first post should be something useful!

I found a great new website that I don't think anyone in here is aware of, I've used as many free guitar websites as there are out there but they just don't compare to the paid subscription website like guitar tricks etc which are quite good. However this guy is one of the best teachers ive ever had the pleasure of learning from AND all of the lessons are free. I think its only recently launched so the content isn't as vast but the guy running it needs more members to make more lessons so if you like them sign up

It's a service to help get guitar lessons into schools who cannot afford instrumental lessons and give those less privileged a chance to play, the content is so professional. Its a great cause as i have a child myself who has missed out on music tuition due to the massive cuts the government are making (im UK based) and can also benefit ANYONE who wants to play, not just schools/colleges


Glad I also found this great forum!

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