Well actually its been quite awhile and I just now got around to taking (shitty) pictures and sitting down and showing you guys.
Its a Fender MIM Strat. Im not sure about a couple things though maybe you guys would now? Never seen this finish before. Its got like a falt maroon color. the neck has a badge that says 60th anniversary but all of those models Ive seen were silver. So Im not sure whats up there.
Anyway enough talk... on to the pics!!!

sorry for the crappy webcam quality cant find my camera!

60th anniversary badge on back of headstock

Family shot from left to right. Woods acoustic (first guitar), Agile Al-2000 Gold Top, Fender Strat, Takamine 12 string (not sure of date but I was told its pretty old.) Not pictured is my Ibanez GAX 30.

The guitar plays great. Neck is straight and no buzz at all. When i got it the strings were a different gauge then factory I guess because the bridge is pulled up a bit. Theyre still on their and I havent bothered to lower it down until I change the strings myself.

The sound of this guitar is amazing. I usually dont play alot of clean stuff but this guitar makes me want to. It cleans up so nice and by rolling the volume back you get some killer low gain tones out of it. Hi gain on the other hand it doesnt handle very well. But for punk and classic rock she does great.

The finish on the guitar is pefect. Ive never seen it before but its like a flat matte kinda color im not sure how to describe it. The maple neck is smooth and has a little bit of birdseye on the back. Its really light compared to my agile which weighs something like 10 lbs.
I traded my PRS Tremonti SE for it. I never really liked that guitar. just didnt feel rigght to me so I think I got a great deal.
Happy new guitar day!
That looks awesome. I'm sort of envious of your collection.
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nice looking strat. i think that most guitars from that year had the 60th ann. sticker on them but i could be wrong. the silver one was a special commemerative model.
On the year of fenders 60th anniversary i'm pretty sure they had that badge on the majority of there lines.
Nice guitar, congrats man.
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Wow, I am really taken by that red color. That is a beautiful color on there. Great guitar and happy ngd!
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I don't like the top on that Gold Top. Too Yellow. But the strat is nice!

Yeah I agree with you. it played nice and the guy traded my squire for it though cant pass it up ya know?
In the right light though it does look great, but with the light in my bedroom it looks like that.