Can anyone reccomend me a website where that have sometimes have special deals off the more expensive amps such as ENGL,mesa etc ? What i mean is like the website giving discounts on amps on a regular/irregular basis similar to musician's friend "stupid deal of the day".
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Amps like that are for rich F**kers. They don't have to have sales on ENGL and MESA because most of the people that buy them don't give a damn.

Just my observation over the last 20 years of looking.

Don't give yourself a headache looking.
ebay is the only way. I picked up my ENGL for £400
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Meh, I usually just buy them off the local shaman, unless I'm in the wilderness, where I rely on raw meat to raise my HP.
Beleive it or not Guitar Center will come across some huge deals on used gear.

I have seen VHT Deliverance 120 amps go for $750

Pitbull 50's for same. I got my 100 for $1,000.00
^Always call the guitar center and ask them about the amp. Saw a Soldano once for a pretty good price, turned out something kept getting messed up inside and had been repaired a few times.

Also Musicians Friend and those sites have used sections, I got my JCA50H for about $400 "used" with a 10% off coupon when it first came out and cost $600 new. Not sure I've seen a coupon for used gear since then though.
if there was such website, it would be monopoly.
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if there was such website, it would be monopoly.

well amazon has some good deals on EBMM guitars lol i saw a thread on a guitar forum about insane discounts given on EBMM john petrucci guitars. But then again their guitars not amps so yea
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ebay is the only way. I picked up my ENGL for £400

which model and its a second hand amp right? lol engl for that price ...ill try to check for ebay although usually prices that low are hard to find
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