i love my melody maker but the tone and volume knobs are really high off the body which not only look weird but is uncomfortabe to play. The guitar shop said this is normal.

Im not convinced is it possable gibson put the wrong size tone and volume on? or will i have to buy new pots?

Cheers Paul
Which Melody Maker model is is? And what exactly do you mean, are you saying that the knobs themselves seem like they aren't pushed on enough, or is it that the pot shafts are too long?
its the 2010 melody maker, les paul shape with the single coil pickup. The knobs themselves dont seem to fit the pot as i tryed filing down the pots and didnt make a differnce, it just seems like the shafts dont fit inside the knobs.
Well, I've never actually worked specifically with a Melody Maker, but generally pots are attached by two nuts, one on each side of the pickguard. Normally, you can take the pickguard off and tighten/loosen them as needed to raise or lower the height of the pot.