So Im here to address a question to someone who can do 1-2-3-4 excercise in 16ths at 130 alt picking,

My question, currently doing this and i dont like 1 things that gets worse as speed goes up ( started at somewhere 100)

I feel so little friction between the pick and the strings, and I almost cant 'feel' hitting them. I just have the urge to get that scrachy scrach sound when picking and now its just feels like going through butter the high E... no comment.. practicly slips offs the string so to speak.

Is it something that takes getting used to ? I tryed making the pick angle smaller but its either 'no feel' or practicly flat to the string which i dont really like because its just imo bad at these speeds.
What picks do you use? Thicker ones could work better.
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I use a combination of the red Jazz III XL's, and these ones. their pretty damn thick, over 1.2mm definately... id hazard a guess at 1.5mm, but i like them personally. Might i suggest the red XL ones, instead, they might give some better results being a larger overall pick size, you might appreciate that more.
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No no larger pick are not better for me, i found the smaller ones superb, but recently since i started working on picking specificly at higher speeds they just slip of the string and i cant feel any friction which... is needed for me unless its possible to some how readjust to the feeling of hiting 'air'
I know what you mean, and don't worry, you get used to it. You're muscles are just learning how to adjust from those big (by picking standards) awkward movements to smaller, more defined pick-ticklings.
I went from using Dunlop 1mm gels... now i use a 2.75mm traditional V-Pick... and that shit glides over the strings.

It just sounds like ur picking at too much of an angle... Even though the jazz picks have very minimal pick noise. I'd go to a guitar shop and try out a shit-load of picks and see if any difference pops out... if not, then you'll have to look at your hand.

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Maybe try the paper pick exercise. Trace the shape of a pick onto a piece of paper and cut it out so you have a very thin paper pick. Turn on some gain on your amp so the notes can still be heard.

Then you should try playing with the paper pick. It WILL feel like you're just hitting air, but this is for your muscles to learn that they don't need to apply a lot of pressure and force to be able to pick the string. After the muscles get used to picking with the paper pick, switching to a normal pick should have a difference in the feeling.
Schecter Omen 6FR
Line 6 POD X3 Live
Line 6 spider IV15
Yamaha F325