I've been recording my guitar by plugging it into my Boss gt-10 and plugging that into my computer by USB. The sound quality is pretty crappy though, and no matter what I do I can't get it to sound good. What's the best way to get a good recording quality sound with my guitar? I have a budget of around 500$
Recording directly into you're computer will normally have bad quality because of the soundcard. You could buy a sound card that is designed for recording then a good mic to go to your pc.
If you can push your budget to about $800 I would go after an Eleven Rack. You could probably find a used one for quite a bit cheaper
So if I did buy the Eleven Rack or Zoom R24, is that all I would need?
Basically all you really need is an interface and reaper. I would go with the zoom r24 if you have the budget cuz it's just an awesome feature packed device. The catch is that if you want to use midi the zoom doesnt support that so you'll need a seperate interface. But if your not using midi then the zoom is the way to go.
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You're plugging an interface into an interface...


Pls tell me what is Interfaception. and how to solve.

I'd ignore the advice for a Zoom anything or the Eleven rack. Eleven rack is hideously priced and only really comes into it's own if used to replace a live amp (and even then only replaces so-so quality amps). As for the Zoom interfaces mentioned - both are part of the 'throw as many inputs on as we can afford to for the cheapest price' brigade... they're not bad by any means but they're far from great and aside from, what I find to be, an annoying user interface they are also quite sterile and dull sounding. If you like the layout, I guess they do double as a control surface however.

You only mention wanting to record guitar though so I'd suggest a smaller one or two input device that will have better preamps/converters in that pricerange - other people can suggest individual models better as I haven't used many smaller interfaces except for my Apogee Duet (amazing, but mac-only) and the M-Box 2 (good paperweight avoid like the plague).
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Could you put a sample of the tone you are getting? People define "crappy" in so many different ways.

Yeah, it could be many things, like your volume just being too high which would cause your signal to clip.

I used to record my guitar direct through my MOTU 8pre and Amplitube, but lately I've taken to just mic'ing up my amp. I am so much happier now than with recording the guitar direct, even if the setup is kind of a pain (you also can't change your tone much after).
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