This thread is strictly for stoners who are currently surfing this forum or for those who are just stoned by coincidence and stumbled upon this very forum - to speak their thoughts, ideas, innovations or whatever they please while they're riding this lovely high. (yes I am rather high right now) so toke and post away.

As authenticity of stonage, stoners posting must post:

how high they are out of 10


what weed they're on

i'll start

i'm a good 8/10

i'm on thailand mango weed, brick form, attained in malaysia

i think humanity is devolving

post awayy
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At a Nile gig when some guy shouted "Egypt is gay!"

The entire drug thread is this thread.
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The entire drug thread is this thread.

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Oh, hello mister tracer! Lets dance!
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And we all poop in the sandwiches!

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Get a life you hippy.

Oh and, drug thread.
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