Alright I lied.. it's not full it's missing the bend parts int he chorus and the solo but if anyone would like to add those in for me that would be awesome

Let me know how it is

The vocals are very messy in some parts, but this definitely isn't a finished version. it's a hard song to sing though that's for sure
ooh i loved the guitar- especially the clean tones. cleans tones like that are very rare in amateur ultimate guitar forum post recordings haha
any way, the vocals were executed well, but there were obviously some sync issues between the layered vocals, but they definately pushed through the mix nicely.
the guitars and bass were pretty much perfect.
the drums did their job in keeping the rhythm, buty they failed to capture those intense "pantera style" groove metal beats that portnoy plays in the song, buty i understand their difficulty.

overall, i commend your efforts. it was enjoyable to listen to and obviously took a lot of effort and skill.

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1440356 mind checking out my dream theatre cover?
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ha well the drums were from guitar pro actually so for a midi drum beat it came out pretty good I thought. of course midi drums can never compete with real drums lol but the fact that you thought I played them works for me haha. Gearbox is what I used for guitar tones and it turns out they have some good clean one's surprisingly. I usually use onbe called "Like Heaven" for clean, but I didn't realize how similar to the song they sounded until I re-listened to the real song. Thanks for the positive feedback man. Any suggestion for layering the vocals better? That is a problem I have on ever single cover I've done. It's hard to sign something the same way twice.