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I have a Cort Stratocaster (quite old) and I'm thinking of making it a bit different. Right now the guitar has it's three pickups as it usually has, two tone adjustments and a volume adjustment. But I'd like to remove the neck pickup and the middle one and replace the bridge with a humbucker pickup. First questions; would that be possible? Or will the guitar have to be specially built for this to be possible?

Also, I want to remove the both Tune adjustments knobs and just have the one Volume. Would that be possible?

I feel like it all should be possible, but I'm not quite sure of what to think, since I'm not very good with guitars like that.

Any answer would be appreciated.

It's all very much possible. However, unless your model has a large section routed out to accommodate a selection of pickup options, you may require some body work. You'd also need a new pickguard, or to modify your current plate to take the larger pickup. IMHO, your best option is to buy a Hot Rails style pickup, which is a humbucker mounted in a singlecoil-sized housing.

Also, to save yourself work, why not just leave the other two pickups and controls in there? Wire the tone controls up to only influence the middle and neck, then have a master volume for all of them. It won't affect your bridge pickup, and you'll have the options available if you should ever fancy a dabble.
I can't really tell if I have the space for a large humbucker there, i'll have to check in the morning. However, i wasn't even sure they made a single-coil humbucker like that. But do you need to have the neck and the middle pick-up to make it sound good if you have a single-coil?

Maybe it would be better to have them all, I'm not sure yet. I kinda like the look of just having a bridge pick-up, I think it looks neat and clean, kind of. But I need to think about that!
Well, they sure do! Lots of pickup manufacturers make their own version, based on that famous design. If you're not into single coils, you could always get a twin-humbucker pickguard and two humbuckers (depending on your routing). It's not so much about having singlecoils in the middle and neck positions to complement anything, but those positions do give you tonal options that aren't available elsewhere, whether you're using a singlecoil, humbucker, P90, or anything else. If you find an option that works for you on an aesthetic basis, it's far more beneficial to keep at least a neck pickup in and never use it, than to suddenly yearn for one.

Having said that, everything you've suggested is possible. It's equally as easy to get hold of a single humbucker, a pickguard to suit, and a 500kOhm volume control, if that's what you want!

Edit: The absolute easiest option would be to grab a pre-wired pickguard from here:


You would, of course, have to check the fit of the pickguard.
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If my old G210 was any indication, you're going to have a hard time finding a pickguard that will fit. They're not a standard strat guard. You'll need to either get a custom one made (not cheap) or get a single coil sized humbucker and disconnect the tone knobs and pickup switch.
Mintsauce: Hmm, I see. I'm gonna have to check that site out. Thanks a bunch for the answer!

Roc: That might be a big problem. A normal stratocaster pickguard wouldn't normally fit on a stratocaster by anoter manufactuer? Like cort or squier?
A "normal" stratocaster pickguard fits Fender, Squier, and a bunch of other guitars that were made to copy them. The Cort pickguard screws and routing (and I think the horn, if I remember right) don't line up with the Fender one. I never could find anything that fit the Cort.
ah crap :/ I guess I could use the one I have and just change the pick-ups really, or just don't really use the other two. Thanks a bunch!
Going for the Tom DeLonge strat? You have to see If the body will accommodate that. If so, you need a new pickguard. If not, Get a SD hot rails. And a new pickguard.
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the guitarstore should know if it fits a Cort stratocaster though? No wait, I'll just ask them, too see if they know anything about it. Really hope there is at least a few that might sell for a Cort Stratocaster. But why would it fit a Squier but not a Cort?

Jake: Yes! I really liked the look of it! The hot rails is a single-coil?
Hopefully I'll find a pickguard that fits for the Cort, otherwise I'll just have to live with it, I guess

EDIT: there's definitaly (sry bout spelling) room for a humbucker there( actually room for one bridge humbucker and a neck humbucker), so now the only real concern is a pickguard that would fit with this. I have found a swedish guitarsite (i'm live there) which sell guitar parts specially. They have alot of pickguards, I should see if they have one that might fit!
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