Hi all, recently made a thread about finding 2x 12 speakers for my Bassman (BF), which at the time I did not know much about speakers at all. Since I've done some research and reading into it from various people and listened to different ones on the sites.

Firstly, I've really determined the 2 speakers I buy must both be within £100-150. I've read pretty much everywhere Cannabis Rex's went really well with Blackface Fenders which delivers the "warm, smooth" cleans, and good overdrive. Most places only seem to praise the speakers for good reason I assume. So a cannabis rex is definitely a buy. However some people say it does take a lot of the high's away and cuts some of that classic fender sparkle. I don't want icepicky highs on cleans and trebly OD, but I do want to retain the classic fender tone. So I thought it might be a good idea to match a speaker which might emphasize those fender sparkly highs, which the CRex takes care of the mids, lows and smoothness.

I know a lot of people suggested British speakers such as Celestians, and I've even considered a Red Fang after hearing a lot of people rave about the Crex/Fang combo, but 1.) I fear using British speakers will take away that classic fender sound and make it sound marshally ( I may be wrong here, I just assume British speakers = British voiced sound = marshally, HiWatt), 2. Red Fangs are too expensive.

I also don't have access to Weber speakers or other specialist makers because I'm in London .

So as it will be mainly either eminence or Jensen my main idea's for partners was a
- Red white and blue (so far number one choice)
- Texas heat,
- or C12n (reissues).
- I've also considered a Screamin Eagle.

Lots of people suggest Private jacks or tonespotters, Tonkers but as I said, I don't want those to take the classic fender tones out and sound different and more like a Marshall/British voiced (already have a JCM800 for that).

Thanks all!
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red fang canis is retarded good.

canis black mountain or black powder or texas heat would be supa dupa too.
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I personally love the Texas Heat, and am planning on getting a Cannabis Rex to put in parallel with it.

Haven't played the Red White And Blues so I can't comment on it too much.
i didn't like the rwb that much.

my favorites are the texas heat and the swamp thang.

although the combo i run is red fang/rex.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer