I'm working on some songs at the moment, and I've got everything recorded, most of it sounds pretty much how I want EXCEPT for one problem. there are some wierd frequencies coming out in the vocals that I can't seem to get rid of, its almost like a feedback type sound on certain words, usually whenever a word has a "E" sound, its a very brief occurance, but it seems to be peaking for a fraction of a second and sounds really annoying, I've tried re-recording the vocals at different distances from the mic and setting my mic up in different ways to get rid of it, but it still comes through every once in a while.

I'm using a Sterling ST-59 w/ a M-Audio interface.

on the vocal track I have

Compressor>Parametric EQ>reverb>de-esser>limiter

I've played around with other things in the chain to see if I can get rid of it, but I'm having no such luck! Any ideas?
Perhaps try turning up the frequency and the gain reduction on your De-Esser?

It's not exactly vogue, but I will sometimes put the EQ first in the chain.
I can only listen to so many breakdowns and "spoken word" vocals before I wanna puke.

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I've tried that and it makes the vocals sound muddy and doesn't seem to get rid of it completely.
Do a frequency sweep... Use a parametric eq and start with a Q around 7-10 and start at one end of the spectrum and go towards the other. At some point you should be able to find the problem frequency. When you do just put the gain at around -4 or so, depending on how bad the problem is
Use automation to bring those spots on the vocal. You could also use a multi-band compressor to target that one specific frequency. Also, play with the frequency of the other instruments (while listening to everything at once of course, no soloing!). Sometimes guitars can mask frequencies in vocals and even cause anomalies. If you want, you could post the song file and I could give you a better idea.

Also, for recording questions, you're better off going to gearslutz.com than UG...it's all recording, and it has real pros that frequent the forums.
Ok, I'm gonna try some of the suggestions, if I can't get anything done I'll post the song up and I'll check out that other forum! Thanks!
damn!! It was the guitars! I panned some guitars and had some of the frequencies messing the vocals up, I'll probably have to play around with it a little more, but it already made a huge difference!
Glad you found the problem... I do agree with Mac though. Gearslutz is probably a better place to go for recording