Hello. I'm just curious; I have replaced the pickups in my guitar already and really enjoy the sound. What other modifications could I make to further enhance my tone? I have a tonepros bridge so a bridge block isn't a useful response. If someone needs further specifications of my guitar to give an answer i'll give them it.

-Thank you.
Don't neglect a good input jack too .

All electronics in a guitar can really improve the tone
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add an active EQ!!! that should give a lot of versatility and some more high-end sound with the eq'ing of both the guitar + amp
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Neck: Maple
Finger Board:Rosewood
Frets: 24X Jumbo
Inlay: Dots
Tuners: Schecter
Pickups: (Upgraded) Dimarzio D-Activator X (Bridge), Dimarzio Air Nortion (Neck)
Electronics: Vol/Tone/3-Way Switch
Bridge:TOM w/Thru-Body
Scale: 25.5"
Hardware: Chrome
Nut material: Graph-tech
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And what's your target tone?

All of that sounds like a great combination for tonnes of midrange and high end, but not warm territory.

Yes, I agree. I want to add more warmth to my sound and I am not sure what other upgrades have an effect on the tone and what effect they have.

-Thank you.
An omen 6 with high-gain pickups is not ever really going to sound warm. You can try a bigger tone cap, perhaps lower value volume & tone pots, a resomax bridge, but the best you can hope for at this point is to tame the treble and high-mid spike. You can't really add much bass or warmth to a guitar/pickup combo.

It sounds to me like you don't really know what you want. You asked for "better" and then latched on to the only suggestion given. Perhaps it might be a better use of your time and money to save for a while until you've decided how you want to change your sound? "Better" is something I hear a lot from people beginning to modify their gear, and it usually leads to wasted money and a bunch of unnecessary and eventually pointless mods.
If you want more warmth with a basswood body, my best advice would be to change your bridge pickup. You need something that's not quite so hot, and uses alnico magnets. Ceramics are great for treble and output, but you sacrifice warmth with them. In a body where warmth is at a premium, that might be your only way to tap into some.