i am using guitar rig and i have it as a vst in reaper so i can click add track and then fx>then pick guitar rig and have it record a track with all my settings. But..

1. I can only hear my guitar part out of my guitar(its not coming through the speakers or anything so i have to play it acoustic and listen to it back with distortion)

2. I want to put 2 guitar tracks in but if i click add track and then try to hit fx and add guitar rig again, my computer freezes. I can click add track and then not pick fx, but it just comes in clean so i have a second clean track under the first distortion track.
when you open a new track in reaper and add the vst, hit the arm record button and there is a small speaker icon below it that should be blacked out, click it till its grey and hey presto

by the sounds of question 2 either you dont have a very good pc or you have a shady torrented version. if its the crappy pc option then the best thing for you to do would be to have one project open for recording guitar rig, then render the recorded guitar and import it into a new project where you will assemble the final song.

if its the torrented version then more fool you
alright one more question. I recorded a track in guitar rig using the looper tool and saved it in my documents. How do i get it into reaper
For your second problem once you've recorded your first full guitar track, right click and glue all the wavs together (if you've got punch-ins, etc) and then right click the new full track wav and and select render fx as new take with mono output. This will add a new take on your current track with the guitar tone on it. You can then move the two takes to a new track and record your next guitar track on the original track without having to run more than one instance of guitar rig.
A punch in is just where you cut out a part of the recording because you want to redo it or make it sound tighter and 'punch in' to the recording adding your redone part. If you do this a lot you'll end up with tons and tons of wavs on the track so you just glue them together so you can apply the guitar tone to the whole track at once instead of one little wav at a time.
now i record the track and i can hear it...then i apply it as new take mono...and when i drag it down to a new track and play over it its acoustic...
Make sure you applied track fx to the new take. Also make sure you click and have the correct take activated!
alright...how do i listen to the track through my speakers after ive unplugged my guitar and plugged my speakers back into my tower?

I open up reaper and hit play and nothing happens
In preferences, go to the audio devices section and make sure your onboard soundcard is set to be the output.
alright...how do i listen to the track through my speakers after ive unplugged my guitar and plugged my speakers back into my tower?