after countles hours trying to get my new M-Audio Fast Track Pro to get rid of the distortion, i found out that it is my Acoustic guitar that is distorted...

How would i fix this? is it a loose wire i need to fix?
i poened up the 1/4 output, and it looks fine, i will open up the actual pickup soon...

the guitar is a S101
the pickup is OPUS IV
Here is a link to my guitar...

could someone PLEASE tell me what i need to fix?


Thank You!
Are you sure you aren't letting your signal clip on the Fasttrack? There is something very wrong with your guitar if it is the sole problem, I would just send it back rather than try to fix it yourself..
but on the amp it still sounds distorted, im sure its the guitar not the amp... should i buy a new pickup?
and i cant send it back, i bought it off of ebay... and it sounds great when its not plugged in, but i need to use it plugged in, is there a wire i need to resolder???
Ah Ebay of course..
You have a very strange problem my friend, I am sorry to say it's beyond my knowledge. I wouldn't jump into buying a new pup just yet though, if you can, take it down to a guitar shop and see if you can get a tech to look at it first, it may be a minor fix such as soldering a wire or something, you may end up needing a new pup, either way they'll have a more educated answer getting to see it first hand.