lol. be back in the S&L community in 15 days, when i get back to portland oregon. anyone who is in portland currently or during the months of may june or july hit me up.

when you break the light tube inhale the asian goddess through the cheap lube
it might strike you strange the match held between your gums
but this is the old west and its best to forge your own way through the slums
of the dustbowl memory or however you remember me im sure its as cute as a
darkness uninhibited by city sidewinder step aside dance
weave your way through the gutter mutter man x raise up the sex
your middle finger is no longer a weapon, your mouth can no longer mix
up the signals in the shortwave raise up the sex
rats on the harlem rooftop the hair clogged drain
skin on pincushion red alert like raise up the sex
and what the hell is that supposed to mean
tex pistol slinger mothman figure the corner of the eye glisten
listen up, im here to fasten the bolts down into place
two points- one
your joints
older than you outta be fatter than you wanna be two
scree sliding heart and minding
your p´s and q´s what you have left to lose
one off step and its case closed hard woes
shining through the holes in the intoxication
it was my home too stranger nation
save up the hope hoard up the rations
starving strapped to the table scalpel tracing the dotted line
you wrote there i wrote there too
watching you sleeping cheek muscles straining
hard to keep the salt inside aint it
bloat up like a shark under the weight it bit
off more than it could chew
just like you honey
just like you
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