So I picked up the Roland E-70 Electric piano from my church in a attempt to figure out how to use the dang thing. It's got so friken many buttons idk what the hell I'm doing with it. I found a manual online, but my lack of music theory is making it all very confusing. All I want is for it to be in the key of C and sound like a normal piano and how to access minor effects and other functions.

I'm going to hook it up to my computer and see what I can record with it, even though I suck at playing the piano. But if anyone has one or knows how to use one, can ya'll help me out with this thing? Help me get it into the key of C(if it's not already) and figure out how to use the basic functions.

Here's some pics of the thing:

It looks like it has a number pad on it. Try putting in the numbers that correlate to whichever piano you want, or you could do MIDI to your computer and use a VSTi.

Also, a can of compressed air will do wonders on that thing.

Middle C is to the left of the two center black notes.
C is always before the group of two black notes. Something like that. I'm slowly learning music theory now.
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