yeah thats a bit pricey... looking for a budget pedal for now. thanks for the input though!
I personally dont really care for the ds-1. I think you would probably be happier with an overdrive pedal. The boss sd-1 is good. I use a digitech blues driver for my practice amp which is ok. You might want to save up though for something better. Like a visual sound jekyll and hyde which is both and sound phenomenal and has a lot of options. Thats my personal favorite for sure.
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i have a Jackson Dinky and Vox VT-40. those pedals are still a bit on the pricey side. i know i should spend a little more, but right now i cant do that. just dont want to constantly reach to the amp.
hmm...should definitely look used. you could prolly find a modded MT-2 for cheap. had a friend that found one for $40 with a little patience
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I have a boss-ds-1, got it for 20 bucks from a buddy :p. Has treble/bass in one knob, distortion level, and volume. It does it's job fine for me. I probably wouldn't pay more than 30-40 for it though.
unless you go used you'll never find a good new pedal for that price. Behringer makes cheep pedals, but 99% of them suck, and I don't mean a little.
I use the Boss D1, and it works great for me. And you can't beat that price either. Boss also makes a black metal pedal (don't know the name) that a friend of mine uses that sounds great too.
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