This is the other from my blog. Um, I'm planning on posting others as well. This is in drop D, but it's also a slow... Idk. My normal songs are extremely sad, and depressing, this is different. I guess I just wanted a beer at the time. One of my first official songs that I have.

What's One More Sin?

vs. 1: I was sittin' in the back pew of my church last Sunday
The foxes have holes but man has no place to lay his head he'd say
With my polished boots on
He told me sinnin's frowned upon
And Jesus will be gone if you don't get your life straight
Don't lie or cheat, and the world has no place for hate
Well when I got home, and hung my suit up
I realized the preacher man forgot to mention...
Chorus: What's one more sin?
How much trouble could I get in
If I drain another beer...
What can I fear?
With the preacher's voice in my ear
How 'bout another mind bender
Oh mister bartender
... What's one more sin?
vs. 2: Well the organ started a song
So me and my friend sang along
Before we went he said, "let's pray,"
and told us to worship the sabbath day
So wen I walked out
The air was crisp and cool
When I parked at home
And saw my big ol' pool
--I thought...--
Chorus: What's one more sin?
How much trouble can I possibly get in?
Jumpin' into the blue
And not thinkin' about You ain't a sin...
If I finished a beer
What can I fear?
Yeah so mister bartender
How 'bout another mind bender
What's one more sin?
(Repeat chorus)
*No, how long have you been a bartender, I don't like that stuff, pour me Jack Daniels... Yeah, that's better. Now, where's that cigar shop? What? I can drive, don't worry about me.*

-And that's it. This last part with the "*" is what I'd say in the background while me or my band plays the outro. Kinda like what Trace Adkins does in some of his songs.
That's awesome man, I really like it's southern rock style. I don't really understand how this line fits tho "The foxes have holes but man has no place to lay his head he'd say"Are you implying that the only place that you can lay your head down is the bar?