i really want to get a vox ac30, and i may have the funds for one in the next few months. I hear a lot about reliability problems with newer vox amps. Heck, I even hear problems with the old ones. I'm just wondering if someone could shed some light on the reality of the situation.
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Have only had my Vox AC15C1 for about 4 months now which might be a little to short of time to give a reliable (haha) opinion. All i can say so far is that i haven't a single problem. Touch wood.

I had heard a few things myself about the newer Vox's having reliability issues. Fortunetly i decided to ignore these people and go ahead with the purchase and to be fair i'm glad i did because i absolutely love the tone of my amp.

The way i see it is that reliability of anything is very hard to pin down. If i was to treat this amp terribly and leave it on for 2 days non-stop just burning away the circuit and tubes, would it be a "reliability" problem if it broke within a year? I don't think so, although others may disagree. If i played it 5 hours a day 7 days a week and it broke within a few years, would that be a reliability issue? Who knows, it might have a bit more of an argument than just neggilance.

I just like to think if i treat my amp well i will reap more from it and with have minimal issues in the long run. So my advice is, that if you really admire the tone of a Vox amp do not hesitate to buy it!.
If you service them, maintain/change the tubes as and when needed, treat them with amount of respect due (don't fill it with beer, if transporting to a gig ensure it's secured, don't leave it in the rain over night and don't switch it on and leave it on for three and a half weeks) you should have no issues at all.
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the vox's are getting built better all the time.

I think they'll be as reliable as anything else in that price range except well you know who.
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The universal reply to practically anything regarding reliability - "Better than Bugera"

I have heard nothing but extream hatred or complete fanboyism, but my 333 is a great head for the price, not everyone can aford a custom tube head..
sorry got off topic, but I've played my buddys its a 2006 model(ithink) tubes have been his only issue
The AC30CCs shipped with some questionable parts and bad rectifier tubes for the first few months they were made. That's hung over their reputation for a while, but I'd buy with confidence now unless it's a used one with a low serial number.
If you get one with a tube rectifier and standby switch you can run into problems. This is because the rectifier had a controlled warm up, and switching the standby sometimes killed the tube.

If you get one of those you always want to be in play before you turn the amp on otherwise you run the risk of arcing your rectifier tube.

They do run very hot though. The good thing is that the heat rises up and it doesn't pass through the circuit board doing this. EL84 combo amps that are similar to a Vox can destroy the boards fast. They can eat EL84s, so if you get modern production tubes look at JJs or another high quality brand. The circuit is very hard on the output tubes.
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^at least the new ones don't catch fire like the early ones.
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