So today, just out of the blue, I got kicked from my band I've been in since December where I played rhythm guitar. It pisses me off but I've had this idea for an album I want to write and I'm thinking only needing to worry about one guitar might help me but transitioning from rhythm to the only guitar is kinda difficult.

I play a thrashy style but its got a darker vibe to it. Anyways I need some tips on combining rhythm work with lead work. I'm used to holding the rhythm but not doing both.
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since you're good at it, make yourself a rhythm, and then work a lead over it.
its actually pretty easy to be the only guitarist in the band because you don't need to worry about what the other guy is doing.

really though, just play rhythm normally for most of the song and let a bass player hold down the rhythm when you're playing solo's. not only will your bassist love being heard (for once), you'll be more audible because you wont be fighting with another guitar