My band has a shitty first act kit. so far we've gotten better cymbals, but we want to replace the heads on the snare and at least one of the two toms. I was told that these: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Evans-G2-Coated-Drumhead-Pack-712546-i1513234.gc heads are pretty decent. My question is, does that pack come with both the batter and resonant heads? Or would we have to buy 2 packs? thanks.
No, only batter heads in that pack. You would have to buy resonant heads separately. And DO NOT get two packs and hope to put the same heads on the bottom, those are two-ply heads + coated...that would sound horrible. For resonant, always get one-ply, clear...you want them to be thin on the resonant side. Also, I wouldn't recommend G2's for the snare...I'd check out the heads designed for the snare. I'm a Remo guy; however, on the snare I use Evan's Genera Dry...I'll admit that is an amazing snare head, even though I don't particularly like Evans.
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