And actually it will be the first one that I've owned. But I've never really had a real need of one until right now because I'm going to start teaching intro guitar lessons and need the portability.

Anyway I'm torn between two models (and as my luck has it I can't try out either of them)

The first is a Carvin C850t and the second is a Takamine EG360sc. Both are solid spruce tops with rosewood back and sides (which after trying out nearly every model in gc is what I know I want) and after cases and shipping they both come out to around the $650 mark.

So my question is which one and why? I've played other Taks and they were great quality but they were lower on their line and I wasn't overly impressed with their sound. And as for the Carvin, their electrics and basses are top notch, but they are made in the US where as these acoustics are made over seas. And unfortunately online reviews of either don't help because you always get the "plays and sounds just as good as a taylor or martin" which we all know is a fallacy.

Anyway, any insight would be greatly appreciated because I hope to buy within the next week or two
I have, in fact played that Takamine, and i will say that it is one of the greatest guitars i've played 1000 bucks or less. It is quite comfortable to play, and the sound almost reminds me of a class act guitar, much like my Martin at home. I haven't played the carvin, but hear that they, although well built, aren't as good as one would believe, based on the history behind their classic electric guitars. IMO get the takamine, you won't be sorry.
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Another vote for the Tak. Great electronics, durable and the aesthetics are perfect. Classy but not overdone. Have you noticed how many pros are using Taks these days instead of their vintage Martins and Taylors? Because to the untrained ear, a guitar is a guitar. These things will last you a lifetime and then some. Carvin does electrics and basses really well. In my experience, they should have stopped there.

So 2 up for the Tak...

I'm really nervous about buying before playing (at least on an acoustic, QC on electrics seem to be so much less of a problem than on acoustics)

So if you know how is the tone on the tak? What's the bass response like? Volume? Neck feel? Action? Fine for both finger picking and plectrum?

Sorry to be a nuisance but again I'm nervous. I just wish gc would actually carry more mid-range models and/or that carvin actually distributed their products
I'm in the market for a new acoustic myself, and have played two of the Taks. I like them, but I have smallish hands, so the neck is slightly uncomfortable to me over extended periods of barring. For many, this isn't an issue, the guitar is well-constructed, that's just a personal thing. Tone is definitely there, one of the better ones in that range imo. Bass is solid, and volume is more than acceptable unplugged. Action is average, though with any guitar obvious you can have that adjusted with a proper set up, which I'd certainly recommend if you're buying online.
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Both are good guitars. I'm a bigger fan or Carvin but that's nothing to do with how "good" the guitar is. I simply think that Taks sound thin to my ear. If you want a fuller bodied sound then the Carvin is probably going to be better and if you want a more cutting sound then the tak is probably going to be better. That said, there are always exceptions so from time to time you do find very full sounding taks and thin sounding carvins. Thats the trouble with ordering online but sometimes it's unavoidable.
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I simply think that Taks sound thin to my ear.

I kinda felt the same way from the other ones I tried,though I really was kinda comparing them to taylors and martins so nothing is really going to sound as full or as rich...though idk I an kind of leaning toward the carvin, plus they do have a pretty good return policy if I get it in and hate it our can find a tak nearby to do a comparison with
the carvin cobalts don't really sound too great, but i'm not a big fan of the tak either, although given the choice, i'd certainly take the tak over the carvin. may i ask why there's no yamahas or seagulls on your list? to my ears, both brands make better sounding guitars at this price range.
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I like the yamahas but the one I tried (I forget the model but was similar spec with solid spruce and rw b/s) really lacked in volume and had some fret buzz

And I am a big seagull fan because since I'm primarily a bassist the bigger neck feels a little bit more natural to my hands but at the price point they just don't have the features I'm looking for
i, too, am a bass player, but more than that - i just prefer a wider neck. that being said, the tak has a very slightly narrower nut than the cheaper seagulls, and i can feel the difference.

the yamaha you checked out must have had issues - maybe old strings. i was just hanging out talking with a gc sales guy about them the other day. he strongly believes they're the best in the lower ranges, and that's been my experience. either that or you were playing one of their APX models, which i don't recommend.

seagull entourage 1.72" nut solid top acoustic electric cutaway

and the black version

s6 original acoustic electric - no cutaway but that lovely sound and wider neck

the seagull performers might be in your price range, and they're pretty neat. also, according to seagull here http://www.seagullguitars.com/specs.htm
they have the wider neck. no doubt guitar center will soon be offering another sale, so you could get these down to the same price as the ones you're looking at.
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I just looked in my Oxford English Dictionary and under "Acoustic Guitar", there was your Avatar and an email address!
So update:

After a recent trip to guitar center, I discovered I wasn't too fond of the Takamine, it had really brilliant highs and decent lows, but as was true on the lower end Taks, it sounded soooo thin and kind of tinny.

So the tak is out imo, but...I found out I'm in love with a taylor that's almost in range

The Taylor 214CE to be exact. I was just absolutely blown away with it at the price point.

But it's $1000...so I was going to trade in my ESP bass for it and they have like a 10% discount if you trade in so my final cost is going to be around $850 after tax...$200 more than my limit.

Or I could take a risk and buy one on ebay used for $800 or under depending on how the auctions go

New question, is it worth it over the carvin?
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